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07 Feb 63% of consumers are willing to switch brands if they offer more sustainable packaging
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For years, the question of sustainability in food packaging has been met with furrowed brows and hesitant wallets. While consumers voiced their desire for eco-friendly options, the perceived price premium often overshadowed good intentions. But the tide is turning, and plant-based packaging is emerg..
01 Feb 71% of consumers actively choose products based on the sustainability of their packaging.
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In a world grappling with climate change and unsustainable waste, the way we consume is under the microscope. One area undergoing a shift is packaging, the often-discarded cloak of our purchases. But are consumers merely voicing concern, or are their wallets truly backing eco-friendly options? Let's..
10 Jan Beyond the Price Tag: Why Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Makes Cents
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Every time we open a takeaway container or peel off a cling film, we make a choice. It's often a quick decision, driven by convenience and price. But what if that choice, multiplied by millions of Indians every day, held the power to shape the future of our planet?The plastic-heavy reality of food p..
27 Nov Unveiling the Power of Custom Packaging: Building Brand Identity and Customer Loyalty
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In today's competitive market, where consumers are bombarded with a plethora of product choices, standing out from the crowd is essential for brands to thrive. Custom packaging solutions have emerged as a powerful tool to establish a brand's reputation and forge enduring connections with customers. ..
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