Our founders ordered food one day and were absolutely shocked by the amount of plastic that they received. This led to a 3 month long exploration into materials and alternatives. They actually travelled across the world to Singapore, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, China and other south east asian countries to learn from other cultures that eat delicious, hot, acidic, vinegary and difficult to transport food! We were the first company to offer bamboo fibre based products, and we’re committed to providing an alternative that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

The regenerative and nature of bamboo as a grass or plant was more inspiring than the material itself. Bamboo grows rapidly while allowing it's surroundings ecology to thrive. It's not disruptive but supportive which we believed was a welcome change in the era of technology driven disruption.By studying markets across the world we believed that there will be an ecosystem of products and services that could be built around plastic alternative materials.

Today at Bumboo after engaging with thousands of restaurant, cloud kitchen and Quick service restaurants that specialise in take away containers we are on a path to support business and enable communities to make responsible choices the default option.